CHANGSHA CHEER SHINE STAR TOOLS CO., LTD., founded in 2018, is a specialized foreign trade company engaging in import and export trade and business operations such as domestic and foreign trade, cooperative production, entrepot trade and other modes.

        The company is mainly engaged in retail of hardware tools, cars, computer spare parts, textiles and knitwear, clothing, articles of daily use, office equipment supplies, sales of minerals, agricultural and sideline products, brand cars, plastic products, building materials, wholesale of mechanical equipment, hardware and electronic products, textiles, clothing and household goods, leather and leather products, research and development, production, sales, operation of instruments and apparatus, manufacturing of leather products (branch offices only), garment manufacturing (branch offices only), research and development, production, sales and operation of communication equipment, sales of chemical materials, self-operation and working as an agent for foreign import and export of various kinds of goods and technologies, (however, commodities and technologies that are restricted or prohibited from import and export by the state shall be excluded. ) (For projects subject to approval according to law, business activities can only be carried out with the approval of relevant departments), and import and export business of products.

        Currently, trade scale of the company expands day by day with customers all over the world. The company has won the trust of customers at home and abroad with its good prestige.

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